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RSA's DES Challenge

The key has been found!

 ** Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 13:46:19 -0600
 ** From: Rocke Verser 
 ** To: deschall-announce at gatekeeper dot megasoft dot com
 ** Subject:  WE FOUND IT!
 **         "Strong cryptography makes the world a safer place."
 ** That's the message RSA has been waiting for us to decipher.
 ** And we did it!
 ** The correct key (8558891AB0C851B6) was reported to RSA Data Security
 ** shortly before midnight last night (Mountain Time).  RSA's automated
 ** server acknowledged our win!
 ** The winning computer is a Pentium 90MHz, operated by iNetZ Corporation
 ** of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Their employee, Michael K. Sanders, was the
 ** individual who was running the DESCHALL client.
 ** Congratulations, Michael.  And congratulations to all who participated!

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